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Credits: Swagatama Mukherjee

Abdeali Jivaji

Lover of Giant viruses, bacteria, and all things microbial.

Welcome to my website and I hope you enjoy some of the delicious Giant Virus propaganda I plan to provide here.

I am Abdeali Jivaji (He/Him), a PhD student at Virginia Tech in the Department of Biological Sciences, working in the Aylward Lab with Dr. Frank Aylward. My projects include trying to find new Giant Viruses from the environment infecting diverse unicellular eukaryotes, and searching for giant viruses integrated into genomes of those organisms too.

Contact Me

I always appreciate people reaching out more to talk about all things viral, bacterial, or just random science. I also welcome you to reach out if you are a student who is thinking about applying for PhD programs, or thinking about a future in science, and need some advice or just a blank wall to bounce ideas off. You can find me CV here